Mary Poppins Returns

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Mary  Poppins  Return is an English movie which will be released on January 4, 2018.

The film, directed by Rob Marshall, is located in London in the 1930s in the depression-era.

In the new sequence of Disney's 1964 film Mary Poppin, Emily Blunt has stepped into the shoes of veteran actor Julie Andrews as the leading and proper nanny with the magician skills.

When the family gets personal loss, Marie Poppin enters her life magically and with Jack (Lynn-Manual Miranda) help, comes back joy and home.

London. Actress
Emily Blunt says she did not see 'Mary Popins' during the film 'Mary Popins
Retrans'. Blunt told Heat magazine, "I did not see the original movie. I
had seen it in my childhood, so the glimpse of the movie is in my mind but
during the shooting of this new movie, I did not see it. I have just read
books. "

Emily said,
"So people see it as well, but this is my viewpoint. I hope people like
it. I have fabricated the character from books, which is fighter and eccentric.
Such a character enjoys living on the screen which knows that it is better than
everyone, but which is very warm from within. His personality is charismatic. "

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