Mizoram Election 2018 Opinion Poll

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Mizoram elections were  held for  40 assembly seats and many areas of the state are inaccessible. Finalizing the preparations for the Mizoram assembly elections, officials have decided to connect all the polling stations to the wireless communication system for the first time.

In an interview, Joseph Inspector (training and armed wing) of Mizoram said in an interview that for the first time in the electoral history of the state all polling stations will be brought under the purview of wireless communication. It will provide information about voting in time.

He said that till 2014 Lok Sabha elections, all areas were not connected to wireless technology. This provided information from remote polling stations late. He said that with this step, any area of the state would not be able to stay away from the realm of communication.

According to the guidelines of the Election Commission, special training sessions were organized for Mizoram police personnel in view of the operation of the system. Lalchua said, "We are proud of it. We have tested it under the direct supervision of our DGP Balaji Shrivastav.

Master of the field
Lalthanahawala: Congress candidate from Champai South seat to form the government on the current Chief Minister and the third.

- Joramthanga: Chief Minister from 1998 to 2008 and Mizo National Front leader Ejal is a candidate from the pre-first.

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