ROBOT 2.0 Movie Reviews

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Robot 2.0
– S.Shanker
 – Akshay kumar,Rajnikanth,Ammy Jackson ,Adil hussian,Sudhanshu pandey,Riyaz khan,
Kalabhavan Shajohn
 – 3.4/5
Release  date :- 29 November 2018

The story of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's 2.0 movie begins with the sudden departure of the mob in the city of Chennai. The public comes in awe and takes the copleen to the police. Scientist Vashikaran (Rajinikanth) calls back 'Chititi' to solve this problem. In search, it is revealed that due to increasing radiation of the mobile network birds are dying,To prevent that Scientist Bharwarajan (Akshay Kumar) confronts the government and when he does not listen to anyone, he commits suicide on the mobile tower. After this, the spirit of birdrajen becomes the enemy of humans using mobile phones.

Movie reviews :-

Sankar, who directed the story of 2.0 '(2Point0), also prepared a weak script. In the first part of the film where Vashikan (Rajinikanth) is engaged in the struggle to bring back Chitty, Akshay Kumar can not be seen anywhere. Actress Emmy Jackson did not show any significant role in the film. She just became a female robot.Sana (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) 'Robot' released in 2010, got a glimpse of her cellphone. Akshay Kumar's entry is in the second half, after which the audience gets to see the action and fight between two robots. Apart from 2.0 in the film, 3.0 has also got a fantastic twist version.
In Rajinikanth's film 2.0, there was no such song which did not let the heart go over the mind. The background score of the action sequence was quite strong, but the important thing was that 8 years ago, the 'Robot' film released in 2010 did not get anything different. Although film graphics and VFX have been tremendously used.

Why do we go to watch out Robot 2.0:
Why watch a movie- If compared to Hollywood movies, then '2.0' will be many times behind, so Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's Diward fan can go to see it. Apart from this, if no such movie is released in the recent past, then time can be spent in the cinema for timepass.
As compared to big banar movies the cost of making robot is 543 crores (approx.) .In few  days 2.0 had earned Rs 139.75 crore beating its parallel realised movie Badhaii ho who has earned  Rs 136.45 crores  of Badhaai Ho, which has become the 6th highest grosser of the year even being the small budget movie. Thugs of Hindostan had earned Rs  151.10 crores , Padmavaat  Rs  320crores  and  sanju 344 crores on the box office.
By the end of the 2nd weekend, we will have to wait and watch that , will it score 200 crores for akshay kumar or not?. 

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