Brahmanandam undergoes bypass surgery

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Seen in every second movie of the south indian movie, has a bad news for the fans of Brahmanandam.
There is a problem in the heart of Brahmanandam. On Sunday, he was admitted to the Asian Heart
Institute in Mumbai. Here's his bypass surgery.
Where his bypass surgery has occurred. Doctors say that the condition of Brahmanandam is still serious.
This is why Brahmanandam has been kept in observation. Dr Ramakant Pandey has done his surgery.
After surgery, there is a possibility of improvement in his condition.
Only after the news of the loss of Brahmanandam, his fans have been demanding to recover their
condition on the social media. Fans are writing that we want to see you hanging on the screen again.
If you are fond of South Indian films then you must know Brahmanandam. There will be no comedy film
in which Brahmanandam may not be. Today every South Director wants to take him in his film. In his
three decade career, he has worked in over 1100 films.
Today, Brahmanandam takes a great amount of money for every film. Brahmanandam used to mimic his
school colleagues during college days. The condition of the family was not very good. That is why he is
the only person of his family who has done MA.
But luck was so open when he got an opportunity to work in a Telugu movie. Then he got an opportunity
to work in the film Chantababai. After this film, there was a lottery of Brahmanand. One after the other
films started to meet them. The race that Brahmanand had caught at that time.
That is still the same. Brahmananda charges around one crore rupees for his film. It is not a small matter
to get such a huge fee for a comedian in South's movies. Due to his acting, he has received 5 Nandy
Awards. His name is also recorded in Guinness Book of Ward Records. This record got them to do more
than 700 films in one language.
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