Djokovic defeated Nadal in Australian opens

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Djokovic defeated Nadal in Australian Men's opens

The Djokovic had defeated Nadal in the Australian opens to create a history.

It was a great game played between the two players.

He scored 6-3,6-2 and 6-3 during the match for defeating Nadal.Djokovic has now became the Number one Tennis player of the world.Last year Djokovic ahd under gone the elbow surgery.

Nadal in his statement stated that he was also playing full strength and was giving his 100% to the game.He said that he was wining from last 5 months regulary and had also played well in this tournament against others.Inspite of that he has too lose the game because Djokovic was servicing very fast and his defense on which he had worked less was very good.

Novak Djokovic is 31 year old serbian player and had won the 15 grand slam is a resident of Monte carlo,His coached was former slovak tennis player Marian vajda.He has one son named stefan and their daughter tara.

Djokovic parents were running a food parlour and started playing tennis in park.He was spotted by a Yugoslav tennis player at Mount kopaonik while playing tennis.

While living in germany at the age of 14 he started his carrer and started wining the competition there after.

He was won the US open by defeating his quaterfinals Carlos moya in 2007, where he had entertained the audience with his game and peoples had seen him playing like Nadal and Maria sharapova.

Today the match played between the 2 great players of the world was very energetic and audience have their eye on this heart breaking match.Every body was eager for the results of this match.Today again Djopkovic had created the history and had shown that your strong will power can helps you to win any situation of the world.

After winning the Australian opens he fell down on his knees becaming the king of melbourne and the world’s number one tennis star.


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