Makar Sankranti 2019 - Mythology

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Makar Sankranti 2019

This year Makar Sankranti is not being celebrated on January 14th but on January 15. Because the Sun will leave the Sagittarius amount and enter Capricorn on January 14 at night. The start of Karmashas and the auspicious work is the beginning of Makar Sankranti. From the day of Makar Sankranti, auspicious works like marriage, wedding, and naming are started in homes. Along with this, laddoo and khichadi made from sesame and jaggery are made in every house. It is believed that not only sesame is eaten on the day of Makar Sankranti but it is also put in water by putting them in water.

Learn why sesame is so important Read mythology

According to a legend, Shani Dev did not like his father, Sun Dev. For this reason, Sun God separated Saturn and his mother Shadow from themselves. After this, Saturn and his mother cursed Sun God for leprosy.

Yama Raj (who is the son of Sun God's second wife), seeing father suffering in leprosy, has done penance. From the penance of Yamraaj, Sun God became free from leprosy. But Sun God came in anger and burnt the house of 'Kumbha' (the amount of Shani Dev) in the house of Saturn Dev and his mother. Both of them have suffered a lot.

Yamraj explained to his stepfather and brother Saturn in pain and explained the father to his welfare. Sun Ram's point of view came from Sun God Shani to his house. After burning fire in the Aquarius, everything was burnt there, except the black sesame seeds. That is why Shani Dev worshiped his father Sun God from black sesame. After this, the sun god got his second home 'Makar'.
Since then, it is believed that Shani Dev attained the achievement of his father, house and happiness only because of sesame, since then the importance of sesame is believed to be worshiped on Makar Sankranti with sun worship.

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