Weather of North India

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Today the weather of North india has drasticallychanged  from Jammu kashmir, uttarakhand,Delhi and UP.A constant snow fall occurred in the areas of uttarakhand,himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir.Indelhi rain fall has occurred and winds were blowing around.
Other parts of the north india was also effected by the rain fall one of them was prayagraj were khumbhmela is occurring in full swing.Even after such a weather condition peoples has taken there bath in river.
The whole north india is effected by such a drastic change in weather like many areas of Punjabi.e. Ludhiana,chandigharhetc were also recorded 5 degree more  from there usual temperature.
In next 3 to 4 days the weather conditions are going to be the same and are going to decrease day by day.
The temeparture of Kashmir is going to be alike , more snow fall  and rains are going to occur more.

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