SpiceJet's Bumper Sale , Just Fly in 899, 10% extra discount on SBI card

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Country's budget airlines SpiceJet has introduced a sale  for the passengers, in which the travel fare on domestic airways is Rs 1.75 per kilometer and the travel fare on international routes is 2.5 rupees per kilometer. According to the company, this offer is for a limited period.
The initial fare on domestic routes is Rs 899 (inclusive of all tax), while on international routes the rent has been kept at Rs 3,699 (all taxes).
The airline is offering an additional 10% discount and free priority check-in on the purchase of tickets through SBI's credit card, for which SBISALE promo code will be used. Additional discounts and SBI coupons will only be available on the company's websitewww.spicejet.com.
Using passenger promo code ADDON25, you can also get a discount of 25 per cent on preference seats, miles and Spice Max. If travelers spend tickets through SpiceJet's MOBILE APP, they will get an additional 5% discount. To get 5 percent additional rebate, you must use the ADDON30 promo code.
These offers are valid from February 5, 2019 to February 9, 2019 and can be done on these tickets by September 25, 2019. This offer will be available on first come first served basis.
Under this offer, the rent for Delhi Coimbatore will be Rs 2,899. It will be Rs 1,849 on the Mumbai-Kochi route. The airline said that the fares on Delhi-Guwahati route would be Rs 2,499 and the ticket for Bangalore Delhi would be Rs 2,649. The airline said that under this sale , the fares from Kolkata to Dhaka and Mudrai on one side of Dubai will begin from the lower level of Rs 3,699.

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