Masood azar is alive or dead , pakistan erring the world

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Masood azar is alive or dead a suspense

New delhi : India had made a lot of pressure on pakistan to hand over the pilot and also others sources who are making terriost attack on india.our brave pilot has came back but as per the statement made by the pakistan minister Mr qureshi that masood azar is ill and even he cann’t came out of his house because he is so ill and suffering from the liver problems.

Now this new india is fed up by the terriost attack and indian’s are ready to fight with pakistan in all respects if they are not going to stop these terrorist.12 Air force planes had hitted all the terriost camp in pakistan occupied kasmir in ballakot.Masood Azar is now fearing that india will kill him and all his terriost who are engaged in these types of activites.

After the airstrikes done by the india on pakistan is feeling scared and had fleet a statement that Masood azar had died.But recently jaish e mahomood had decelared that he is alive.

Pakistan and ISI are just erring the world by making such statements as they had made when osama bin laden was shout dead by American army.

Pakistan should know this time that they will have to pay each and every time on there action made on any indian because the time has changed know.

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