Samsung launches new smart phones

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Samasung launches Galaxy S10,Galaxy S10 plus and S10E

Samsung recently launched its new flagship smartphone series. In this series, the company has launched three new smartphones Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10E. The three smartphones passed through the drop test and no smartphones could pass this test. Already in the drop, the glasses of all three smartphones were broken and the Galaxy S10 E smartphone was not in a position to be used again.

In this test conducted by SquareTrade, it was tried to see whether this smartphone is compatible against the I Phone X series or not. All three phones have failed in this drop test. However, these smartphones have passed in Brent Test and Scach Test by JerryRigEverything.

SquareTrade has a drop-tuck for the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus and the Galaxy S10E. These three smartphones were dropped from the height of 6 feet. After that the glasses of all three smartphones broke. The most vulnerable smartphone of this came out of the Galaxy S10E After falling, there was almost no work. Even in this test the phone's lens and flash of the phone stopped working.

The Galaxy S10's performance in all the three smartphones remained the best. Despite this the smartphone was broken by the front. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphones continued to work even after the break. However the glass body of the phone was badly broken. The Galaxy S10 E smartphone eroded in the same way as the iPhone X.
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