World Sleep Day 2019

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World Sleep Day 2019: Know how important you are to sleep, keep these things in mind

World Sleep Day 2019 Every year on March 15, World Sleep-Day is celebrated. World Sleep Day is organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society. Its purpose is to make people aware of the problems of sleep problems and to make people aware about sleep disturbances. This year, World Sleep-Day theme is 'Healthy Sleep, Healthy Age'. Well sleeping is sweet to everyone and it has many benefits too. We are sharing some important things related to World Sleep-Day.

Stomach will decrease by way of Sleeping 

There is a thought among the people that no weight will be reduced by not eating at night, but it is not so. You never sleep empty stomach You will not sleep because of empty stomach and lack of sleep can increase your obesity.

Do not sleep immediately

keep some gaps while eating and sleeping. By eating food, blood sugar and insulin increase by immediately, due to which the weight can increase. Drinking a cup of herbal tea daily will help in reducing the pulse.

Sleeping is also dangerous

Most people in today's changing lifestyles have a problem of sleeping. This problem of sleeping is called insomnia. This is usually due to lifestyle changes. It is of two types - transient and chronic. The main reason for this is changes in tension, environment change, hormones.

Know how much sleep is necessary for good health

Sleep is as important as eating and exercising. For a body to function properly, it is necessary for at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Those who sleep less, the level of leptin (appetite-enhancing hormone) is more likely to decrease in their body, which leads to increased appetite.

You should eat a balanced and healthy diet. Minimize alcohol intake, especially in the evening. Your bedroom should be clean, calm, dark and free of allergy and odor. Try not to have a sleeping habit on a very thick bed. Before sleeping, you can stretch lightly.

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