BB King 94TH Birthday - Google made doodle and videos of him

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BB King 94TH Birthday

Google has given his tribute to the famous Guitarist BB KING by showing him on there web page today. Today is his 94th Birth Anniversary . He is also known as 'King of the Blues'. Google has prepared a video of B.B. King through animation video. His entire career is described in a 2 minute 10 second video and his music is playing in the background. BB King's real name is Riley B. Was Riley B. King. BB King used to play guitar on the roadside in the early days. He used to reach the church with a guitar. After which he got a break and became a superstar.

Wanted to be a guitarist since childhood

BB King was born in 1925 in Itta Bena, Mississippi. BB King wanted to become a guitarist since childhood. If he did not get a chance, he started playing guitar on the road. He also played guitar in church. After which he got a job in a radio station. People started liking his music. But no one expected that this guy playing guitar on the roadside would become a superstar.

This is how his name was BB King

He played guitar on the roadside, so he came to be known as Beale Street Blues Boy. The name was very long, so people started calling him BB. His surname was King, so his name was BB King.
He made his first recording in 1949. His show 'Three O'Clock Blues' was a huge hit. Where he got recognition in America. After which he did not look back and did shows all over the world. After being part of the Rolling Stones tour, his music became popular worldwide. Even he has been awarded the Grammy Award 15 times. He has also performed in the White House.

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