Ben strokes Smashes Sun Newspaper calling it "disgusting and immoral" journalism

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Ben strokes smashes Sun newspaper

Ben strokes said that the Sun newspaper’s front page story about his family is the lowest form of journalism shown by the newspaper and also smashes the newspaper disgusting.

He said that newspaper has published an article which was deeply personal and traumatic events for him which had affected his New Zealand based family more than 30 years ago.

This summer Ben strokes helped the England team to lift the world cup for the first time in their history this summer has called the whole article “immoral and heatless”.

The sun newspaper told that they had just published an article of which was published 30 years back in a newspaper in New Zealand.They stated that it was merely a public record.

But Ben stokes had told that it was about the personal lives of my family,which was personal for him and his family.He also told that due to this his mom has to suffer a lot and have to face lots of consequence in her life.

He also said that personal things should be personal and nobody had the right to interfere in his family life whether it would be his parents life,his family or any other family members.This is type of Immoral journalism make the life of a family hell.He tpld that on Saturday the Sun newspaper had send a reporter to my family in new Zealand for creating this type of scene.This was really  very disgusting and traumatic event  for my family 30 years back but Sun won’t have any right to enter in my life and get the publicity for their newspaper.

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