Google celebrated its 21st Birthday in 2019

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Google celebrated its 21st  Birthday 

Google had celebrated his 21st birthday on 27th September , the world's largest web services company. To celebrate this occasion, Google has also created its own doodle.

In its doodle google had shown its doodle which is a computer which were very common in the earlier 2000.In this a mouse,monitor and keyboard is been shown,they had shown this pictures of their office which they had used when they had started their office which was clicked on 27 September 1988.

The google was founded in 1988 by Larry page and Sergey Brinwhile they were pursuing there PHD in Stanford university in california.They had started this company in Menlo park,California,America.
Google is an American multinational company which has specialization in internet related services and products,which includes online advertising technology, search engine, cloud computing ,software and hardware.

Google is been used among the 40 countries  and they have around their 70  offices.The domain name of google was registered on 15th sepetmber 1997 and the company was registered on 4 September 1988.

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