Navratri -Jai Mata Di | Nine days of Navratri 2020 | Last Navratri 2020

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Navratri - nine days of Mata Rani 

Along with the worship of mother on the festival of Navratri, fasting and worship are of special importance. Different forms of Maa Durga are worshiped on the nine days of Navratri. According to Rituals the priest of the Annapurna temple, by offering bhog to the mother every day for nine days, the mother removes all kinds of problems.

Navratri Date 2020

Start - Saturday 17th October
End -  Sunday  25th October

Shailpurti -On the first day, offering pure ghee of the cow at the feet of Shailputri, the divine form of the mother, brings blessings of healing and all distractions are removed.

Brahmacharini-Applying sugar to the mother Brahmacharini on the second day increases the age.

Chandraghanta-By offering milk or sweet milk, kheer to Tritiya Swaroop Maa Chandraghanta, one gets rid of obstacles.

Khushmanda - By donating Malpua to the temple in the fourth form, mother Kushmanda gives the development and decision power of Buddha.

Naivedya- In the same way, by offering banana naivedya to the fifth mother of the mother, Skandamata, one gets good health and healthy body.

Katyayni- Applying honey on the sixth form to Mother Katyayani increases the attraction of human beings on this day.

Kaalratri-On the seventh day, by worshiping the mother's Kaalratri form, by offering jaggery to the mother and donating it to Bananna, the mother protects her from mourning and accidental distress.

Mahagauri -Applying coconut to Mahagauri in the form of eighth brings child happiness.

Siddhantri- In this way, offering sesame seeds and pomegranate to Siddhantri, the ninth form, protects against untoward incidents.

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