Prime Minister Modi 69th Birthday

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69th Birthday of Prime Minister Modi

As on 17th September 2019 the Narender modi would be celebrating its 69th birthday with the entire country and his patry BJP had decided to call this full week a seva saptha,Differenet state will celebrate the same in different way.

Meanwhile Prime Minister will go to his home state Gujrat and visist the Sardar sarovar dam which is expected to reach fullest of his capacity.As usual he will visit to his mother Heerabain and will take her blessings.
Everytime he has celebrated his birthday in unique way.

The Narendra Modi is from Gujrat Vadnagar and born on 17th September 1950 to a family of grocers.Narendra Modi himself is a multitalented personality.He is the only person worldwide who has taken his country on the world level.Due to his presence and prowess he had made India and Indians to stand in the world and show there power to the world.He himself is very confident person and taken the entire india and Indian upto that level since 2014.

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