Vivo Pro Kabaddi league : Match between Haryana Steelers and Jaipur Pink Panthers

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Haryana Steelers  VS Jaipur Pink Panthers

The Jaipur pink panthers will face Haryana Steelers in Vivo pro Kabaddi League season seven in Kolkata on Wednesday as the 84th match of the pro kabaddi league in Kolkata.

The Haryana Steelers want to continue their momentum of winning of their previous 5 matches in a row.In the last match of Haryana Steelers wich was held with the Dabang delhi Haryana Steelers had defeated the Dabang Delhi by 47-25 to Delhi. The Haryana young and energetic players reveales that they would be having a great understanding between the players and also a very good chemistry between all of them.

The teams coach also said that the teams confidence is also very high after winning of previous continuous winning of the last 5 matches held with others team.Players also said that the coach and their captain also guide them off the mat and also do other fun activity to boost the team.Also the team said they we all have a good confidence not the over confidence,we will continue to play our natural game.

The 3rd match which was played between both the teams earlier Jaipur pink panther had defeated Haryana steelers by 37-21 , The team of Haryana players had prepared themselves very well for the upcoming match on Wednesday.

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