World Pharmacist Day 2019 :

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World Pharmacist Day 2019 

We often won’t give attention to the many profession out of theem is Pharmacist.Se[tember 25 is been celebrated as the world Pharacist day every year in the entire world.The aim of this day is to create awareness among the people regarding the role of a pharmacist and their vital role in improving the health of a common man with the medicine.

It was 2009 when this day was firstly formulated by the FIP council in Istanbul,Turkey.The international Pharmaceutical Federation(FIP) is a global body whose severes the rights of all the pharmacist worldwide and also several scientist.Their are approximately 4 millions pharmaceuticals. Many organisations world wide organises many seminars and try to create awareness among the people and to tell the how much important role does a pharmacist played in their life while preventing them from different types of illness.

World Pharmacist Day 2019 :- Theme

The theme for this year’s World Pharmacists Day’s is ‘Safe and effective medicines for all’.This year with the help of this theme pharmacist are making aware about their crucial and vital role for safeguarding a patients through improving their medicines use and reducing all the errors which are coming in their way.

FIP president Mr Dominique Jorda,said that ,”Pharmacist use their broad knowledge and unique exepertise to ensure that people should get cure easily and quickly by the medicines given by them.
He also said that a good pharmacist will use his medicines in a very good way to cure his patients and also get his or her blessings by curing them.

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