Yahoo Mail was down worldwide

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Yahoo Mail was down due to problems in their servers

Today morning the yahoo mail was down and the peoples were so upset with the response that they want to delete their account.This outrages has affected the many country in the world including UK,USA ,INDIA and others parts of the world.

Yahoo earlier was a dominant as a search engine but fails to retain in that market and gain that much popularity as much Google and Facebook has gained. Now its owned by Verizon media.

Despite its apparent decline yahoo has been used by millions of people in the world with having problems but today how its server has been down it has created chaos for its regular users which were getting updates from it of their day today updates.

Many people worldwide shown their angry worldwide by many social media platforms,so many people has written on twitter and many would have shifted their account to google.

Now they all think that google is the most reliable platform for them.

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