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Call of Duty Mobiles launched after troubled

Call of Duty is a very popular game. Now this game has come for mobile. In March itself, the company announced that Call of Duty: Mobile would be launched. Now you can download it on iOS and Android. This game can compete with PUBG.

Significantly, the developer of Call of Duty is Activision, but the company has partnered with Tencent for the mobile platform. This company has also been a partner with PUBG. This will be a free to download app similar to PUBG.

Call of Duty is quite popular in the computer gaming world and its developer Activision has claimed that the signature touch of Call of Duty will be available in mobile gaming too. Call of Duty: For mobile, you must have a powerful specification smartphone.

For mobile, your smartphone should have at least 2GB RAM. Android users will be able to download above Android 5.1, while iPhone users can download it in iOS 9 and above. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The installer of this game is 2GB, so it would be better if you download it over WiFi network.

If you have played Call of Duty through a console or computer, then you will see something similar in the mobile version. In this, the team can choose and many modes are given. Some popular maps such as crash, crossfire, hijacked and firing range are also available in the mobile version.
A battle Royale mode like PUBG has also been given in Mobile. This game is also excellent in terms of graphics. It will get more details than PUBG mobile.

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