Rafael became India’s , but it will take 8 months to come to India, 19 months to fly | Rafael Plane | Rafael war flight

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Aircraft Rafael Added to Indian Air force team

After a long wait and crossing the wall of controversies, India has finally got the first French fighter aircraft rafael. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday received the first Rafale aircraft from Dassault company along with performing the arms worship, with which India has become more powerful in the sky. However, it will take a long time for the Rafale aircraft to join the Indian Air Force fleet, because the training of Indian Air Force personnel will start now.

When will Rafael join the Indian Air Force?

India is purchasing a total of 36 Rafale fighter aircraft from France, Rajnath received the first aircraft of this installment on Tuesday. However, this is only the official handover, now this aircraft will remain in France, where air force personnel will take its operational training.

The first installment of 4 out of 36 aircraft will be delivered to India by May 2020 and these aircraft will reach the land of India. But after that it will take time to be used and by February 2021, these aircraft will be fully operational.

It is worth noting that the deadline for the Indian Air Force to reach India is September 2022. That is, in the next three years, all 36 Rafale fighter aircraft can reach India, which is enough to make the Air Force strong. The price of this deal between India and France was about 59 thousand crores.

First weapon worship and Rafael became our 

On Tuesday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh received the Rafale aircraft on the occasion of Dussehra, before receiving it, Rajnath duly performed arms worship. During this, whether it is to write 'Ooh' on Rafael from Rowley or to have lemon before running the wheel, during the program of the Rafale aircraft, it showed full desi style.

After this puja, Rajnath Singh also flew in Rafale aircraft for about half an hour and made history with this, before that he had flown the Swadesi fighter aircraft Tejas.

How much strength in Rafale, where will it be deployed?

The Rafale aircraft has been built by France according to the Indian Air Force, taking care of India's needs. The telephone number of Rafael that India has received is RB001. It is being told that out of the 36 aircraft that India has to meet, 18 will be deployed around Ambala airbase and 18 around Arunachal Pradesh. That is, India is ready in every way for the challenge from Pakistan and China.
Rafael Vimam is a 4.5 generation fighter aircraft which will be a generational change in the Indian Air Force. This aircraft has 24500 Kg. Has the ability to carry weights, as well as 125 rounds of bullets fired simultaneously through the aircraft, which can rip anyone off.

Rafael plane price in Indian rupees is Around 1600 to 1800 crores.

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