International Fathers Day | Fathers Day 2020 in World | Date | History | Top 10 Gifts Ideas

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Father’s Day

Father is considered as the pillar of a family. To raise and grow his family a father always do lots of sacrifices and stay himself calm. Whatever obstacles comes in his live does not matter for him but he always want his family to grew in every circumstances. A father became a stubborn person for his family ,he is not the same but for the betterment of his family he has to do the same.

Every father wants his son or daughter may became a good citizen of the country by his or her efforts and may make him fell proud. Some father won’t their on or daughter to became a good business and some won’t their children’s to became a good officer in the respected organisation in which they are working.

Father’s day history origin

Uncanny of the history will always remains .Scholars belive that from anciest times this ay is been celebrated and some belives that its history is just 100 years back.Storys are also been listened that a little boy named Elmesu carved a father’s day message to his father which was made out of clay 4,000 years ago .He did the same for the better health and for showing his love to his babylion father.

But in the year 1909 a 27 year girl Ms Sonora Louis Smart Dodd from Spokane, Washington a loving daughter of the Mr William Jackson smart a civil war veteran thought that as how we celebrated the mother’s day why not we should also celebarete the Father’s day.She had done all this for her loving father who has raise her and his other five childrens with love,care and affections. Sonora had lost her mother only at the age of 16,the struggle which her father did for her she want to do something for him by giving him a tribute.

This idea strikes into the sonora’s mind and she worked very hard to support the cause through the US.After some time this spread across the US nation and slowly slowly into the entire world.

The US nation first father day was celebrated on June 19,1910.

Father’s day celebration

The father’s day june is been celebrated in many part of the world on different dates, but many countries make it on third Sunday of every June.

In Canada, UK, USA, India, Greece, Mexico, France, Argentina, South Africa,Ireland,Venezula and Singapore also celebrate there father’s day on third sunday of the june month everyear.But this day is not a public holiday.This year fathers day us is been celebrated on june 21 2020.

In New Zealand and Australia Father’s Day is celebrated on the First Sunday of the September. In Thailand it’s been celebrated on the 5 December because the same is the birth date of their King. In brazil they owner their father on the second Sunday of the August.


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The countries where the catholic church holds a great popularity are been celebrated on the St. Joseph day i.e on march 19.

Good Father’s day gifts 2020

Father’s Day june can be celebrated by children’s by showing their love and affection to their father. The tribute can be shown in many ways. You can gift your father anything like watchs, trimmers, dresses, shoes and anything which you new better which he will definitely needed the most and after getting the same he will ostensibly feel stupendous. You can also plan a trip for vacations. You can also arrange a surprise dinner with father and whole family it all depend upon you.Peoples also give gifts to their grandfathers too.

Gifts ideas for dad

Following are our suggestions which you can say as Father’s Day special in today’s time:-

  • Gifts for tech savvy dad like -Laptop, tablets etc.
  • Wallet
  • Tea or Coffe maker
  • Watches
  • Ciggaret set
  • Whiskey bottle
  • Creative gifts for dad
  • Handmade gifts for dad
  • Dairy’s
  • Good memory pics framed properly

Father’s day gifts from daughter can also be given by the daughters who loves their father very much.



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