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Today at 4 pm PM Narender Modi has addressed the Nation and told the people that, it’s been observed that from the day when unlock 1 has been activated from 1st June 2020 peoples have became careless.

He has told that 80 corers peoples were given the ration during the Covid-19 pandemic days and given free ration to them. He told that if we will compare the situation of Covid -19 during these day India is in a very good and controlled situation. We need to be more and more focused because the cases are increasing day by day. We will have to pay more attention to containment zone and every government has to be more concise for the same. He had given an example of country’s Prime Minister who have been Fined huged for not following the procedure in the public place during the pandemic time. He told that every one has to be same and law is equal whether he is a PM or a Pradhan of a village.Every one has been to very much active and can ask the persons why they are not wearing the mask.

He made an announcement that in the field of agriculture we need to look deeper because the monsoon is on the verge and from here in the Pradhan Mantri Ana yojana government will give ration to 80 crores people upto November 2020 by the central government to the poor people 5 kg rice,1 kg Chanaand 5kg wheat,. Its been costing around 90,000 crores and if the 3 months expense will be added to it then it will cost approximately 1.5 lakh crores for dealing this situation now a days.

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Government is also planning to give one nation and one ration card due to this if anyone is going to any other place work working then he can represent the same in other states. He also thanks to the tax payers of the country and thanks them for contributing their tax for making India great for supporting pradhan mantri garib kalyan yojana.

He told people to give more focus to laid the India became atam nirbhar Baharat. He told people to maintain the social distance and cover their faces with masks.
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