A 5.8 Magintude Earthquake Strikes California | About Earthquake California

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Earthquake California

Now a days peoples are very scared due to corona virus pandemic and others types of disasters which are occurring around the world . 
On Wednesday a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hits the major part of Earthquake Today California. 

As per the information given by the US geological survey the earthquake had strucks around 10:40 a.m and the epicenter of the same was about 6 miles south-southeast from lone pine,California.Towards 175 miles north of  Los angles lone pine is located which is near to death valley national parks and also affected Los angles too. 

Upto now there were no reports of damage or injuries and the government is finding if anything reports like that.as per the local people around the shock due to earthquake was intense and shaking. 
Sacramento California also felt the earthquake and peoples around 10,000 have reported for the same.

Atwater ca and van nuys has also felt the jerks of the same. 

The Veteran seismologist Lucy jones tweeted that this occur at the same place as which was on Monday night.After a massive earthquake in Mexico the same was observed 300 miles away from the same.

As per the authorities In Mexico the earthquake killed around 6 peoples,damaged few archaeological sites and damaged thousands of houses of the people and also power cut for millions of peoples living around.7.4 earthquake rocked the southern Mexico resort Huatulco and after that it comes to California. 
Scientist and engineers are finding the root cause of this type of earthquake and they believes that with a every earthquake which are coming so quickly there are more chances that something big may happen.

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