Again conflict between India and china | China and India tension on border | Latest news between China and India tension on border

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Latest news between China and India tension on border 

Tensions on the border between India and China appear to be increasing. During the retreat process in the Galvan Valley, there was a skirmish between the soldiers of the two countries. In this, one officer and two soldiers of the Indian Army were killed. Major generals of both armies are negotiating to reduce tensions. According to the news agency, the Indian Army has given information about it.

According to the Indian Army, there was a violent clash between the two armies on Monday night. The military said in a statement that senior military officials from both sides are currently meeting to control the situation. According to the army, Chinese soldiers have also died in Idup. Let it be said that this is the first time since 1975, when there has been a skirmish between the two armies and there have been casualties in it. According to news agency , official sources said there was no firing between the two sides.

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Defense Minister's meeting of the three Army Chiefs, Foreign Minister and CDS
According to the news agency , Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had a meeting with the Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat along with the three Army Chiefs and Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar. During this time the recent developments in East Ladakh were discussed.

According to the news agency ,China has accused India of crossing the border and attacking its troops. When questioned China's foreign ministry over the skirmish between the two forces, it asked India to avoid unilateral action so that the problem would not escalate further. The China and Indian sides agreed to resolve bilateral issues through dialogue to control the situation of border tension and maintain peace in the border areas. According to the news agency , the Global Times has given information quoting the Foreign Minister of China.

China as usual not following the protocols and there soldiers are violating the international borders from the ladkha side.They will again retaliate India should not trust on them.
Recently The global times of china had also issues the information that 4 to 5 Chinese soldiers are also been killed in this skirmish. China is doing all these because he is afraid off that he will loose with business from the world level.

Defense ministers had briefed the prime minister Modi for all the issues with video conferencing from his house before the meeting which is going to be happen between PM and CMs.

Let us hope for the good and we do not know that is their going to be any kind of war between china and India.
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