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If you love watching netflix then you are on a right platform this article will help you know what to watch on netflix during these days of pandemic.

Best tv series on netflix :- 

       1.The blacklist (2013)

blacklist netflix

The blacklist is the crime drama.The blacklist tv shows number of seasons are 7 and 152 episodes.The blacklist is been created by Jon Bokenkamp .It is an american tv show.

The Story of the blacklist revolved around a fugitive navy officer who becomes a high profile criminal and after spending decades qith criminals he surrenders himself to FBI.He makes a deal with the FBI that he is going to give all the details regarding the actions of the dangerous criminals worldwide and also tell their opertions which they are going to perform, but in exchange for all this he want just immunity from prosecution.In you watching crime thriller it will entertain you,so just watch the blacklist tv series having the blacklist season 1 to the balcklist 7.The blaklist online can be watched on netflix.

Starring - James spader,Megan Boone and Diego Klattenhoff

2.Better call saul (2015)

better call saul netflix

Better call saul is the crime drama.Better call episodes are 50 and seasons 5.It is created by vince Gilligan and peter gould.It is as American tv series.Breaking bad better call sual are the pre sequel.It is one of the best sequel ever made and had got many awards.

The story of the better call saul is filmized on a con man who turned inot a small time lawyer jimmy macgrill.Who became a lawyer for the former police office Mike Ehrmantraut,mike was a very good and skilled police officer how enters into the underworld of drugs trafficking in Mexico.Better call saul episodes can be watched on netflix.The better call saul season 6 will be released in 2011.You will love watching better call saul full episodes.

Starring -Bob Odenkirk,Jonathan banks and Rhea seehorn


baby netflix

Baby is a teen drama created on netflix.Baby has 12 episodes and season 2.It is created by Antonio le fosse,marco raspanti and Romolo re Salvador.It is an Italy tv show.

Baby is the story of the 2 high school girls who gets fed up with their families and friends,these 2 girls are from the wealthy part of the rome.Then they makes connection with the underworld and the story may begin from there and shows how they both start living double lives.

Starring – Lorenzo Zurzolo,Benedetta Porcarolli and Alice pagani

4.The punisher (2017)

the punisher netflix

The punisher is the crime and conspiracy drama created by steve lightfoot.The punisher has episodes 26 and season 2.It is an American tv series.

The story of the punisher revolves around the frank castle who punishes the peoples who had murdered his wife and childrens.Frank castle is a former marine.It can also been seen on the punisher google drive.

Starring- Jon Bernthal,Ben Barnes and Amber Rose Revah

5.Seinfeld netflix (1989)

seinfeld netflix

Seinfeld show is best watched tv series of 1990’s of sitcom series.Seineld netflix has episodes 180 and Seinfeld season 9.It is created by Larry David and Jerry seinfeld.It is an American tv series.

It is the best comedy show of his time and shown the charcters of the day todays lifes.Seinfeld is streaming on netflix.

Starring – Jerry Seinfeld,Jason alaxender,Julia louis and Michael richards

6.Shtisel (2013)

Shtisel netflix

Shtisel is a comedy drama created by Ori Elon. Shtisel series has episodes 24 and Shtisel season 2.It is an Israeli tv shows.

It is the story of a haredi family living in Jerusalem ultra orthopdox neighborhood which reckons with love and loss of the daily life activities.You can watch shtisel online free just by taking subscription on netflix.

Starring – Doval’e Glickman,Michael Aloni, and Ayelet Zurer.

7.Russian doll (2019)

Russian doll netflix

Russian doll is a comedy and mystery drama.It is created by Natasha Lyonne,Charlie Barnett and Yuvl Vazquez.It is American web series.It has episodes 8 and season 1.
The story of Russian doll revolve around a woman name nadia,who is a video game developer.Nadia is basically a software developer who dies repeatedly on her 36th birthday and again became alive,this process repeats again and again.in thi web series she tries to find out that what is happening with her.Russian doll episodes can be watched on the netflix and ypu will enjoy the same.

Starring - Natasha Lyonne,Charlie Barnett and Yuvl Vazquez

8.Designated survivor (2016)

Designated survivor

Designated survivor is the political drama series.It is created by the David Guggenheim.Its has episodes 33 and season 7.It is also an American TV series.

The survivor designated is the story of the Thomas Kirkman who Is the secretary of the housing and urban development.On one night an expolsion occurs into the building in the capitol building of the state on the union and kills everyone from president and to the line of the succession.The Thomas Kirkman is the only survivor of all of them, he deal each and every things how with his little experience has been show in this series.

Starring – kiefer Sutherland ,Maggie Q and Kal Penn

9.The spy (2019)

spy netflix

The spy netflix riginal series is the espionage thriller.It is directed by Gideon Raff.It has 6 episodes. It is an Israeli web series.

The story of spy shows how the clerk turned secret agent Eli cohen becomes an under cover agentin 1960s for Mossad to Syria for years long mission.He stablish his identity in the Syria high society and wins the confidence of the future president amin al hafiz.

Starring – Sacha Baron cohen,Noah Emmend Hadar Ratoz Rotem

10.Money heist (2020)

Money heist netflix

Money heist is the crime drama series.It is created by Alex pina.Money heist episodes 31 and money heist season 2.It is a Spanish tv show.

The story of money heist shows that a professor heirs a woman and seven other criminals for a grand heist.This series traces two long fully prepraid heist one on the royal mint of spain and the other on the bank of spain.The whole film is basically filimised according in various location of madrid,panama,Thailand and Italy.You will love watching this crime thriller.

Starring- Ursula corbero,Alvaro Morte,Itziar Ituno

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