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Good shows on amazon are listed below

 Amazon prime is now a days a very popular means of watching movies and we can also watch amazon prime video streaming on our  device wherever from the world. It is been used by millions of people worldwide and had been divided into various genres accordingly for all types of viewers interests, subtile and audio are generally in english  language and also videos are dubbed in native languages.

Sometime we got confused what to watch on amazon prime, This article will be very useful to watch best shows on prime.

1.Young Sheldon

young sheldon amazon prime

Young Sheldon is the story of a 10 year old  boy named as Sheldon cooper.He is a preteen gowing up in east Texas.This show is a comedy drama in  which interesting events and series revolves around the Sheldon cooper and his family.The episode young Sheldon  shows how this little boy grows to a man and what are the interesting  things which happens in his life.

This Tv series Sheldon is been created and filmized by the Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro.Watch series young Sheldon this will definitely impress you.

Starring -Montana Jordan,Lance barber,Raegan revord.

2.Mr. Robot (2015)

Mr Robert Amazon prime

Mr. Robert is the political suspense to watch best shows on prime videos. The story revolves around the story of a men Elliot who is a brilliant cyber security engineer and vigilance hacker.

To take down the E-corruption of the multinational company Elliot joins hand with a secretive middle aged man Mr. Robot and a strange feisty young woman named Darlene.Mr. robot episodes like mr robot s01, mr robot s02 and mr robot season 3 amazon prime can be watch as a mr robot all season.

Starring – Rami Malek,Christian slater,carly chaikin

3.Shameless (2011)

shameless amazon prime

This is also among the best web series to watch n amazon prime.Frank Gallagher is a proud alcoholic single parent consisting of six smart industrious  ,independent kids, who are better off without him.

The story shows what they all have to face due to poverty.

From newest season of shameless to latest season of shameless and shameless last season for example shameless episode season 10 can be watched on amazon prime.

This fiercely engaging and fearlessly twisted series is been created by Marck mylod,Iain B. macdonald and John wells.This  comedy drama will definetly entertain you and your family.

Starring – William H.macy,Jeremy allen white and ethan cutkosky

4.Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018)

tom clancy's jack ryan amazon prime

Jack ryan is a CIA analyst who got stumbles upon a suspicious series of the bank transfers to find the answers of all his questions he has to pull himself from his desk job. Then he went throughout Europe and the middle east for destroying the rising terrorist against the US and her allies.

This action,military and war suspense is been directed by the Patricia Riggen,Daniel sackheim and Andrew Bernstein.If you low watching action and suspense thrillers then you will love watching this.

Starring – John Krasinski, Wendell pierce and Abbie Cornish.

5.Bosch (2014)

bosch amazon prime

Amazon original bosch would be having 5 episodes and shows the story of an LAPD detective whom sloves all the murder cases and other type of cases. You can watch amazon prime bosch season 1,amazon prime bosch season 2,amazon prime bosch season 3,amazon prime bosch season 4 and amazon prime bosch season 5 having total 50 episodes.

Bosch prime series is been directed by the directors Ernest R. Dickerson, Alex zarrzewski and Aaron lipstadt.It is a crime thriller.

Starring – Titus Welliver,Jamiehector and Amyaquino

6.The Boys (2019)

the boys amazon prime

Amazon prime video the boy is the story of the superheroes who became the vigilantes by making a group of superheroes informally knowns as the boys. The group of the boys punish the corrupt superheroes and try to create balance in the world by fighting against the evils
The action drama would be having the 8 episodes and is been created by Dan Trachtenberg,matt shakma,phil sgriccia,fred toye,stefanschwartz,Jennifer phang,dan attias and eric kipke.

Starring-Karl urban,jack quaid and Antony starr.

7.Star Trek : Picard (2020)

star trek picard amazon prime

Star trek is considered to be one of the oldest web series. Star trek Picard
Series is the new picard series of the scifi franchise.This Patrick stewart start trek picard would be having 10 episodes.

The story revolves around the Jean picard new life from the older story which he had played on seven seasons on star trek : the next generation.
The director of the picard new series are HanelleM.culpepperJonathan Frakes and Akiva Goldsman.If ou love watching sciene fiction movies then it will entertain you most by cbs studios.

Starring – Patrick stewart,alison pill,isa briones and Santiago cabera

8.The big bang theory (2007)

the big bang theory amazon prime

The big bang episodes consists of total 279 episodes and 12 seasons.The whole story revolves around the brilliant physicists leonard and Sheldon,they both are never interacted to the people,especially woman.When one of the collegue penny enters into their life and how she solves their problems is been dramatist in the big bang tv show.
It is been created by Chuck lorre and bill prady with warner bros studios.

Starring – Jim parsons,Kaley cuoco,Melissa rauch,Johnny galecki

9.Hanna (2019)

hanna amazon prime

Hanna on prime video is the story of an extraordinary girl who lives in the forest and try to find out who she is.Hanna is the brand new series coming to amazon and it would be having 8 episodes.
Hanna tv series is an action thriller which is been directed by the sarah adina smith,jon jones,amy neil and Anders engstrom.

Starring – Esme creed miles,Mireille enos,joel kinnaman

10.The man in the high castle (2015)

the man in the high castle

The man in high castle amazon prime is the story of the America if the allied powers japan and Germany has ruled the America after losing WW2.It would be having 4 season and each one would be having 10 episodes.
It is directed by the Daniel Percival, John Fawcett and Nelson McCormick under amazon studios.

Starring – Alexa Davalos,Ruprt Evans,Luke Kleintank

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