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India boycott china products

Indian army had told that 20 Indian soldiers including one CO Santosh babu are been killed happened between China and India .Also Indian soldiers have killed 43 Chinese soldiers including their CO the press made buy the Chinese media The global times.As per the rules on borders where both country soldiers can’t fire .So Chinese soldiers have got the rods and other types of killing equipment. Indian soldiers did not took any weapon with them.Geographical condition are different and there is very less oxygen in those parts.

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China is doing all these from 1975 and don’t want India to make roads to there borders. Earlier when India had not made the roads it tooks 5 to 6 hours from Ladakh to borders which is now been reduced to half hour.Now any type of help either related to food or ammunition can be easily given to Indian soldiers quickly.
Due to this Countrymen of India are angry at the martyrdom of Indian soldiers in a violent clash between the soldiers of India and China on the Ladakh border. Merchants and other sections of society have insisted on the boycott of China-made product. After the cancellation of orders for more than five crore China-made products in Purvanchal, including Varanasi, last month, more outrage is growing among traders.

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According to traders, now the government should also take a tough stand. No product manufactured in China should be allowed to enter India. Every kind of relationship from trade to China should be ended. Let China be made aware that India is not inferior in any sense.

In Varanasi on Wednesday, people are angry with this dastardly act of China. The merchant world and Kashivasis have made up their mind to boycott Chinese goods. Social workers and children of the Vishal Bharat Sansthan expressed their indignation by burning an effigy of China in front of the Subhash Bhavan of Indresh Nagar Lamahi. The Chinese skirting decorated on Diwali was also set on fire.

Other parts of the India also wants to boycott the china and there products.Indian wants to ban each and every thing from hard materials to softwares like Tik tok.Earlier in the major festivals peoples have shown their anger towards the Chinese products.
Today Indian government has given the free hands to there soldiers to take the appropriate actions accoding to the situations and do not wait for the orders of the government.But china from their side wants to resolve the issue through bilateral talks. But Indian government wants them to agree on the April 2020 agreements.

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