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Chintu Ka Birthday Review: Zee5 new web series

Actors  :- Vedanta Raj Chhabbar, Tilottama Shome, Seema Pahwa, Vinay Pathak.
Director :- Satyanshu Singh, Devanshu Kumar

 Chintu ka birthday on Zee5's film is the story of hopes of Bihar's family trapped in Baghdad amid bomb  at this time, the whole world is fighting a battle with the corona virus. Where millions of people have been infected with this virus and have also lost their lives. In the midst of this difficult period, people all over the world hope that the corona vaccine will come and then a few days later life will be back on track. The film Chintu's Birthday, released on Zee 5, is the story of Bihar's family trapped in Baghdad in more dangerous situations with the hope of returning in April 2004, the U.S. military has completed one year in Iraq amid the U.S.-Iraq war. Saddam Hussein has been captured and is awaiting his trial. Amidst this atmosphere, the Government of India claims that all Indians from Iraq have been brought back to India. But the family of Madan Tiwari, a salesman of a water purifier from Bihar in Baghdad, is trapped and is constantly making efforts to come back to India. Amidst the war environment in Baghdad, the Tiwari family wants to celebrate the sixth birthday of their son Chintu (Vedanta Raj Chibbar) with fanfare. Chintu's parents (Vinay Pathak and Tilottama Shome), Nani (Seema Pahwa) and sister (Bisha Chaturvedi) plan to make her birthday memorable.

In the midst of preparing to go to school, Chintu's father gives him towels to share him in school. Her mother tells her about the new clothes she has brought. Meanwhile, it is reported that there has been an explosion in Baghdad and schools have been closed. With this story, Chintu gets depressed. The family decides to celebrate her birthday at home. There is a plan to make cakes at home as compared to Chintu's request and call his friends. But there is an entry between bomb blasts and gunfire of two American soldiers who consider the family suspicious. What is the mind between the war situation outside and the presence of two Us soldiers at home, chintu's birthday? This is what is best shown in the film.

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