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Baba Ramdev on Corona Virus

The whole world is currently waiting for the corona virus vaccine. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Baba Ramdev of Patanjali has claimed to make corona medicines. Baba Ramdev launched 'Coronil and Swasari' medicine in Haridwar. On this occasion, he said that we had tried two trials of this medicine. First- clinical control study, second- clinical control trial. He claimed that his drug recovery rate is 100 percent.

Baba Ramdev said that while the whole world is waiting for the corona virus medicine or vaccine. We are proud to announce that with the joint efforts of Patanjali Research Center and NIMS, the first Ayurvedic medicine of corna virus has been prepared.

Coronil Patanjali Medicine Kit

Baba Ramdev said that we have done clinical control study in many cities from Delhi. Under this, we included 280 patients. The results of the clinical study recovered 100 percent of the patients and no deaths occurred. We have been successful in stopping all phases of the corona.

Coronil Patanjali Kit Price 

Patanjali CEO Acharya Balakrishna said that the Corona kit will be made available for just Rs 545 for 30 days.

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Baba Ramdev had said that in the first three days after getting effected with the corona virus if a patient takes these medicine then definitely he will get 70 % cured and after that 100% cured within next 4 days i.e in a week a person we get recovered.

Coronil Patanjali Medicine Ingredients

Baba Ramdev said that only indigenous items have been used to make Corona medicines. Many things including mulathi-decoction have been inserted in it. Also, Giloy, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Sanshari were also used. This medicine made from Ayurveda will be available at Patanjali's store in the next seven days.

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You can visit Baba Ramdev website also and get the medicine delivered to your door steps and also he had announced if anybody suffering from this pandemic situation won't have money then he will deliver the medicine to him free.

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