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Gmail was launched on 1 April 2004 by google as a free email services worldwide. Gmail can be easily accessed from any web search engine easily. On 1 april 2004 gmail has been started as a beta release and after that its testing phase was ended on 7 July 2009.

Created by :-

Gmail was created by Paul Buchheit and written in Java(back end)/Java script/Ajax(UI) languages.

You can easily make your email id on the gmail website which is free just by simply signing into it if you already have an email id else you have to register your name and others details which gmail wants.

 Gmail account -

 you can easily make account from any where in the world and can access the same with  the login id and password.

The following are the steps which we have to follow while operating  the account number :-

 1. Gmail signup -

Firstly we have to make a gmail account just by simply opening the gmail page and it will ask the basic details of yours like your name,password which you want to keep for future reference,email id with which you want to make the account.

After that on the second page it will ask for your mobile number and a recovery email on which in future it will send back for any query or resetting password.

Following link will help for opening the signup page for making gmail new account  :-

 2. Gmail Sign in -

once if we create the email id on gmail then by logging it from any where in the world you can access your account just what you need is internet.

Following link will help for opening the signup page :-

 3. Gmail login –

Just by type gmail login on any web search engine you can access your account.Then enter your mail id and the password which you had made.


Note- always make a stronger password and do not share it with anyone. Also always remember the password because people used to get mixed up and do not remember the password.

 4. Gmail signout-

After accessing the email id we have to sign out from the website if we will not do that then your login page will appear and anyone can miss use the same.So always sign out from the gmail after using it.

Gmail Uses

Gmail now a days is a very easy and popular account creating platform. The account which we create on it helps us to make an identity in this fast internet making world. We can retire mails from our friends ,father, mothers ,company’s and also used for transferring any type of data which is useful for any individual or any organizations.

Also now a days for operating our mobile phone we need the use of the gmail id whether using on Android phone or any IOS phone. Gmail has become the necessity of a human being. Gmail is available in 72 languages worldwide.

Gmail app -

Now a days its easily available in play store for android phone and app store for IOS phones.

Gmail Features  :-

1. My gmail inbox-

In the inbox you can receive the mails from the other users and also get       information’s like ads on latest banks, new products launched in the market etc.

2. Sent items-

you can easily check the mails which you had send to other users.

3. Drafts-

once we had attached any information or either we had made any type of mail and     if we want if to send after wards then we can save the same in draft box.whenever we           want to send that mail we can easily send the same.

4. Gmail not receiving emails-

we can take the help of this features in gmail if we are not receiving any kind of mails on our email id.

5. Gmail chat-

this features allow you to chat with your friends ,company members and other    uses with whom you want to be in touch.

6. Spam-

If anybody sends us the email and we have not received it into our my gmail inbox them it will most probably got to the spam folder of your email id. If you are not finding your mail then also check your spam too and do not panic.

7.Bin –

Bin folder is like a dustbin bin where all deleted emails will come automatically when     deleted.

8.     Gmail contacts -

  Gmail contacts features helps you to store the addresses and information which are very much useful for you like other peoples email id,there phone numbers,any other type of gmail contacts list etc.

   Gmail alternative emails - 
There are many mail alternative emails like Microsoft outlook,msn,zoho mail,yahoo mail and AOL mails etc.

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