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Google is an American based company which basically provides the internet related services and products to the entire world i.e. various type of software’s and hardware tools,online advertising technologies and cloud computing.It is the best search engine of the world which is been mostly used.

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Founder of Google

Google was founded By the Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1988 while they both were doing PHD from Stanford university in California. But they both had started this project in year January 1996.Firstly they started it with California privately held company on 4 September 1988.After that Google on 20 October 2002 was reincorporated.Then on 19 august 2004 an Intial public offering (IPO) took place and Google shifted its headquarters to mountain views in California with named as Googleplex. As a conglomerate as Inc. Alphabet in August 2015 google reorganizes its interest and after that Sundar Pichai become the CEO of the Company by replacing the Larry Page.Larry Page is now the CEO of alphabet.

When Google had been started it was only providing the Serach engine services but as the world was growing rapidly and the market needs more products by keeping those things in minds google also provides the following services :-

Google docs


Gmail sign out

Google signup

Google chrome

Google sheets

Google slides

Google calendar

Google drive

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Google mail

Google ads

Google forms

Gmail account

Google translate

Google word coach

Drive Google

Google home mini

Google search console

Google weather

Google earth pro

Scholar google

Google tra

Google apps

Google camera apk

Google webmaster

Google webmaster tools

Google spreadsheet

Keyword planner

Google documents

Google maps satellite

Google maps

Google jobs

Google maps

Google waze 

Street view

Gmail app

Google webmaster

Google Drive Android 

Google Drive ipad

With time and market demand googles had also started developing Android app, chrome OS and other related softwares. Also from 2010 google has moved into the hardware filed also with partnering other companies and had launched its various hardware products like Google pixel smartphone,Google home smart speaker,Google WiFi mesh wireless router and also a virtual reality handset named as google daydream. Day by day google is expanding its products in the market.You can also search by  find my device google account.

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