Haig club clubman | Who is Haig Club owner | Haig club single grain scotch whisky

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Haig club clubman

Haig club clubman is a brand name of scotch whisky, which is been manufactured by the John Haig & Co. Ltd.The company was established around 1824 in the Cameron bridge Scotland.

As the time passes by Haig family losses the control over the company and now the ownership is with the Diageo, Diageo is one of the largest distillery in the Europe.

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The company offers four types of whiskies:-

Haig club

This is the low level entering bottle.The bottle is rectangular in shape.It is a single grain whisky with no age statement,it was launched in 2014 in association with David backhman and simon fuller.It is very light and sweet whiskey,aged entirely in bourbon casks.

Haig gold label

It’s an easy drinking single grain and 40 % malt blended whisky.If we smell it from our nose then we will find smooth and light hints of grass and lemon.

Haig Dimple scotch whiskey

Haig dimple was named after the unique shape of the dimple bottle. It has 43% abv and has 15 years of age statement.When we smell it with our nose then it will smells like toffee and spice having slight citrus edge. At first it gives had taste and after some time in the mouth it gives caramel sweetness with a finish hint of oak in the background. It is a 2 pooka scotch whiskey.Recently in the American tv series breaking bad the main character the walter white drinks the same due to which its popularity has gain.

Pinch scotch whiskey

It is the US version of the Haig Dimple.It has 43% ABV and is the higher version of Haig family.If you want to smell its fragnance then firstly give a splash of water to your nose then it will smell like caramel and burnt oak.It has a cask type of old bourbon oak casks from Kentucky.It is the real men’s whiskey which gives the 15 years age statement.When you will drink it it will burn at first,but when it settle downs it will give you smooth caramel malty smoothness tinged with oak that will ask you to drink more and more. It has 2 pooka on the scale.

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