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Yoga International

On June 21, International Yoga Day will be celebrated all over the world. The International Yoga Day 2020 Theme is yoga for health yoga for home due to Covid -19 panademic has been set by the United Nations. Various Government around the world has told the public to do not create any type mass gathering .Here is an article outlining the importance of yogic lifestyle.

International Yoga Day In modern lifestyle, increasing dependence on material resources and distance from nature is not only causing physical, mental distortions but also increasing. In such a situation, along with being close to nature and staying healthy by adopting a yogic life, we will always feel energetic. In today's modern era, man is facing competition from each other, competition to move forward, increasing burden of domestic work and responsibilities and many challenges. Although in the current lifestyle all the resources of luxury are increasing, yet there is a lack of mental peace.

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Naturopathy is not a medicine, but is identified with the five elements of nature. Natural practitioners believe that 'soil, water, sun, sky, air - a medicine for all diseases'. Like yogis, staying in the proximity of nature for some time in the morning and evening destroys the bacteria and viruses that cause disease in the body and keeps us healthy. Take advantage of the Five Elements - get up early in the morning and go for a walk in the green fields, parks or gardens so that you can breathe pure fresh air, walk barefoot on the grass-soil. If you cannot get out during the day in summer, then take sunlight at least half an hour at sunrise. Stay close to trees and plants, receive fresh air oxygen. Eat Satvik food, that is, consume maximum seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink more and more water. In this way, the balance of all natural elements will be formed in the body and nature will protect us from physical and mental illnesses.

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What is yoga ? 

Yoga is a science, a disciplined lifestyle, an art of living. Yoga is not just to do some asana or meditation, but to live an introverted life to stay away from the inconsistency in life. Regular meditation and pranayama release the feel-good hormone in the brain, which keeps the person happy. In the Gita, Shri Krishna has also said that whatever work we do, we should do it with full sincerity, loyalty, dedication, hard work, sacrifice and joy and get complete success in it. This is also a type of yoga. In it, achieve the success of your ability, ideas and perfection of your labour. To reach the fullness or perfection of any work is also yoga.

Morning yoga flow

Yoga, asana, pranayama and meditation and meditation are called yoga. It has an effect on all the organs, glands and senses of the body. Asanas such as Surya Namaskar, Pranayama, Yoga Mudra, purification are important. Control of your breath, mind and soul can be learned from them. Pure thoughts originate in the mind and we move towards positive deeds. Our life becomes stressless. Regular yoga exercises lead to lifestyle changes. Total health means health of body, mind and soul, which can be attained through yoga. Asana occupies a special place in yoga. They maintain physical, intellectual and mental balance.

There are some easy yoga asanas performed by standing postures like - Tadasana, Katichakra Asana, Konasana, Vriksasana etc. Sitting postures are Vajrasana, Gomukhasana, Throne, Vakrasana, Padmasana etc. The postures lying on the stomach are Naukasana, Dhanurasana, Shalabhasana, Bhujangasana. Straight postures are Sarvangasana, Halasana, Chakrasana, Pawanmuktasana. Regularly 4-5 asanas should be done in every posture and after these, breathing exercises i.e. Pranayama and Prabhu are meditated, then many types of diseases can be avoided.

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Do regular yoga exercises

A healthy person must do yoga regularly. Yoga practice must be included in your routine. Do yoga for at least half an hour, it will keep you fit and healthy. The work which you used to do for 8-10 hours, you will be able to do the same work in a very short time by doing regular yoga.

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Yoga precautions

Before practicing yoga, check the condition of your body because there are some such diseases, there is more harm than doing yoga. In diseases like ulcers, colitis, hernia, reclining postures should not be done. Similarly, do not perform asanas that are forward in diseases like spinal problem, cervical spondylitis. Similarly, if you have high blood pressure, heart problem, then do not do yogasanas by jumping or doing very hard work. Do not do hard asana if you have a headache. Do not do yoga in the condition of cold, fever, diarrhea, menstruation at all. Do yoga asana under the supervision of Yogacharya. Women who have undergone cesarean operation should not do yoga for at least 6 months. Those who have been transplanted to an organ can do yoga or exercise after one month under the care of a doctor. After a month, bypass surgery patients can start breathing pranayama yoga exercises after one month, keeping in mind the diet. - Morning is considered to be the best time to practice yoga because in the morning we are on an empty stomach for at least 6 hours. However, 4 times a day have been kept for yoga practice - morning, evening, before dinner, midnight. The time of sunrise or Brahma Muhurta is considered to be the best because during this time the stomach is quite light and after sleeping, the body is very relaxed. While exercising, keep in mind that you should not eat or drink anything before and after half an hour. During yoga practice, the heat level in the body increases. After an hour, take a bath if you want to take a bath.

Do not do yoga asana direct on the ground use a mat for the same. Because energy comes out of the body while doing yoga.Yoga asana of each and every type of dieases are different and you will have to learn the same from experts.

Types of asanas useful in diseases are as follows -

Stress- Meditation, Humor Yoga

Joints Pain - Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Vakrasana, Trigonasana,

Sarpanasana, Chandrasana, Tadasana

Yoga for headache- Shikhasana, Bhramari, Siddhasana, Sarvangasana

Diabetes- Surya Namaskar a, Kapalbhati, Mayurasana, Agnisara Kriya,

Kurmasana and Paad Paschimottasan

Thyroid- Sarvangasana, Ustrasana, Ujjaya Kriya

obesity- Surya Namaskar, Kapalabhati, Vakrasana

acidity- Vajrasana, Pawanmuktasana, Pashchupamottasan

Asthma- Gomukhasana, Bhastrika, Anulom-Antonym.

Many other type of 30 minutes yoga can be done and also you can learn yoga now through spirtual teaches & Guru's who will teach you better.

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