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Jurassic World : Dominion Poster 

 An Excellent character from the Jurassic park original of 1993 is now all set to return back into the upcoming film,Jurassic World :Dominion.Dr Lewis Dodgson has played the character of a shady business man in the original films who has paid someone for stealing the dinosaur embryos from the park is returining to the film.Campbell scott is seeking like to play the role of the Dr Lewis Dodgson in the upcoming Jurrassic World film named as Jurrassic World : Dominion.

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In the First jurrasic park film Dr Lewis had played the character of an antagonist. He was the man who had let the Dinosaurs to escape from the captivity of the park.If you will read the jurrasic park book ,you can find that he was a major anatagonist.But the story if the film was deviated from the originals in the second movie and Dr Lewis Dodgson has been completely removed from his characters. From the scripts.

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The Jurrassic park Franchise is returning the character of the Dr Lewis after 27 years.The Film is been directed by the Director Colin Trevorrow. It is the Sixth movie of the Jurrassic franchise and third one in the Jurassic World series.

Jurassic world : Dominion released date – 11 June 2021

Earlier in the year 1993 the character of the Dr Lewis was played by the Cameron thor in steven Spielberg’s classic.Dr Lewis was the person who had paid a good amount of money to Wayne’s Knight’s a corrupt IT consultant and Dennis Nerdy to steal the data from the Jurassic park. Accidentally, Nerd ended up by releasing all the Dinosaurs from the park.Lewis wanted the embryos to for creating their own cloning programme for the dinosaurs as he has a rival bio engineering firm called as Biosvn.

Jurassic World:Dominion cast

Bryce Dallas Howard,Chris Pratt,Sam Niell,Jeff Goldblum,Laura Dern,Jake Johnson,B.D.Wong,Justin smith,Daniella,Omar s y,Mamoudu Athie,Dewanda wise,DichenLachman,Campbell scott,Scott Haze,Isabella sermon. 

The filming of the movie will start from July because the same was stopped due to the pandemic Covid-19 situation in the march this year.In the upcoming movie Jurassic world : Dominion Dr Lewis in now going to be promoted as the CEO of the company Biosvn genetics.In this world series of Jurrassic park of the characters of the original Jurassic park movie will be seen back.The trio of the original characters Jeff Goldblum,Sam Neill and Laura Dern will be going to features back in the upcoming movie.

Jurassic World : Dominion Trailer

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