PM Narendra Modi launches Atama Nirbhar Uttar Pradesh Rojgar Abhiyan | Highlights of the Atama Nirbhar Bharat scheme Launched by PM Modi

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PM Narendra Modi launches Atama Nirbhar Uttar Pradesh Rojgar Abhiyan

Today the central government of India has launched the Atamanirbhar Bharat Scheme for the entire nation peoples who had came back from various city into their native villages in this pandemic situation. Either they want have money or the situation in their area has gone worst. Most of the peoples came from Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmadabad and other parts of india.PM Narendar Modi had launched this scheme with the help of video conferencing and had also talked with the peoples from 6 district. The central government has made the list few days and on the basis of that data they had analysed that 4 major states Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha has came out most from their states for their livelihood. 

Around 30 lakh labours are from Uttar Pradesh which has came back to their houses and are now jobless in 31 district of up.Peoples were working in the various sectors in the various citys like as a mason,plumber,Electrician,Rickshawala and also working for many other types of jobs.The virus was spreading at its pace so they all have to come back to their homes.Around 3226 crores rupees loans is been released by the government for this scheme. 

PM Modi has also told that now the farmers will directly sale their crops to the other markets,can tie up with the company directly before cultivating the crop and also schems are also been launched for promoting dairy products.Like soil card now cattles health card is been also launched and information regarding how to keep your cattle in good medical conditions has been launched too earlier.In this way the farmers will directly became Atamanirbhar. 

The main concept of the government to launch this scheme is the following :- 

1.To give occupation to peoples in different categories and as per their experience. 

2.To promote the production of the local material or we can say the specialist of the district of who’s human being can made. 

3.To collaborate all the industrial institution. 

4. To give more and more opportunities to peoples around the village so that they won’t have to rush again to other states for their livelihood. 

5.To support each and every district so that they all shall produce something unique and special materials which can be export to worldwide. 

6.Government has decided to give 1.25 crores peoples only from the UP is going to be the first state for giving opportunity to its peoples of the labor class and likewise the same work model will work all over the country. 

7. Loans will be given to peoples so that they can became Atama Nirbhar Bharat Scheme.

PM Modi has also given Initiation to the tourism sector of the Uttar Pradesh and announced that Khushi nagar airport will became as international airport and will automatically creates the millions of job for the locals and peoples around. This airport will also promote helps the peoples to visit the Buddha places directly and save their time. 

PM Modi has also praised the work of the CM Yogi Adityanath how has he handled this pandemic situation and made all the necessary action for the peoples of Uttar Pradesh. Also told the country that nobody knows when this situation is going to end, what we have to do is just keep distance and wear the mask in this way only we can came out of this worst situation. He had also told about the defence corridor and about the other opportunities which are coming ahead which India will transforms it into an opportunity will be beneficial for them.

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