Amazon prime video subscription cost | Amazon prime login details

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Amazon Prime video

In earlier days peoples used to watch movies and shows on television or in movie theaters. But now the time has been changed, today in the world of internet you can entertain yourself with lots of website one of them is amazon prime videos.

Amazon prime videos are also been marketed as Prime videos and amazon prime down. It is an American based Internet video on demand service provider worldwide .It was launched on 7 September 2006 as Amazon box united states and after that as the time passes by its services grew then prime was added to it.Now a days you can watch the amazon prime videos from anywhere in the world what you needed is just internet.

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Amazon prime video subscription

Amazon prime video subscription are been designed for the amazon prime membership fee by keeping in mind regarding the customers need,it may differs from country to country.Amazon prime video subscription helps you to watch latest amazon videos,amazon prime videos tv shows. 
 If you take  Amazon prime video subscription ,then it helps you while shopping through amazon prime membership fee on their online website and you will get the delivery of products in a day or two.

Amazon prime plans are as follows:-

Amazon prime video subscription monthly - cost you around $10.99 to $12.99.

Amazon prime video subscription monthly(For student) - cost you around $5.49 to $6.49.

Amazon prime video subscription Yearly - cost you around $99.
But the best thing is to purchase the package on yearly basis which is approximately $99 and if we pay monthly then it reaches approximately to $156.( $ 8.99 may be the average)

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Amazon prime login - 

For making an account on amazon prime video you have to create an account on the website www.amazon.com/ap/register and you have to give your register email id which is been made by you on Gmail, yahoo mail or on any other paltforms.After that you have to create your own password and again then reenter the password. Please note that you should always remember the password and it should be the strong one. After that you can sign in Amazon prime video.

Firstly on website you can see an amazon prime video 30 day trial on amazon prime videos for free.If you like then you can carry on this subscription further with amazon prime video membership for which you have to pay and can watch amazon prime video streaming on your device and amazon prime video subscription and then amazon prime video starts free trail.

You can access the amazon prime movies and tv shows on 3 devices at a time but you will have to keep in mind that on all the 3 devices you may be watching videos or movies should be of different topics. You can see a single movie or tv show and web series of your interest most probably in your native language, but English is very much common for all. You can also watch amazon prime offline. You can also rent the movies from amazon prime rent.amazon prime video is available in many different ways these are Us prime video,amazon uk video,amazon prime espana,amazon prime login australia,amazon prime sienfeld,amazon prime video en espanol and amazon Indian video,amazon prime aus and French movies on amazon prime etc. for various country. 

You can also use the following URL for watching the Amazon video 


The following types of services are provided by amazon prime –

1. Amazon music
2. Amazon books 
3. Amazon prime video
4. Amazon prime video best shows
5. You can also go for best movies to rent on amazon prime 
6. Amzon prime video tv shows
7.Amazon prime movies

Amazon prime is available in following different video version quality -

1. Amazon prime video 4k
2. Amazon prime hd
3. Amazon hd video

You can download it easily on your laptop,desktop ,ipad, iphone and android phone following are the detailed list :-

1. Amazon video windows 10
2. Prime videos app windows
3. Amazon prime chromecast ipad
4. Amazon prime video on desktop
5. Amazon prime ipad
6. Amazon prime instant video app
7. Amazon prime video app for android
8. Amazon prime ios
9. Amazon mx prime
10. Amazon prime app for laptop
11. Amazon prime tv

Note - It can also be downloaded on your android cellphones via google play store and on your iphone app store.

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