4.5 M Earthquake Tremors felt in Delhi-NCR Earthquake in India 2020 | Delhi Earthquake | Earthquake Today

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Today around 5:30 PM an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 Richter scale struck various parts of the Delhi-NCR in the evening, information received from the national centre for seismology. But upto now there is not report of life and property loss.

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Again as per the information given by national centre for Seismology, the epicenter was measured around 63km from southwest direct of Gurgaon in Haryana.

The Delhi chief Mr Kejriwal tweeted and had asked the people to care of themselves. Few days ack also tremors were felt in Delhi NCR.

Experts Belives that this is not a good sign for Delhi-NCR and comes under the seismic hazardous zone which is Zone IV.

For your information from April Delhi-NCR had registers around 17 times earthquake tremors from low to medium intensity of Richter scale.

The basic problem with the earthquake is that you cannot predicts the occurrence of the same as was predicted during cyclones which strikes the Odisha and Mumbai earlier.

Some other parts of India had felt the Tremors among Manipur and Rajasthan of the 4.5 M.

Various other parts in USA had also Felt the tremors of Earthquake too.

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