Why is Canada Day Celebrated | Canada Day Celebrations | When is Canada Day

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On July 1st Canada day is been celebrated and marked as a national holiday.Earlier this day was named as Dominion day upto 1867 at the time of British North America act came into effect and after that it’s been renamed in 1982 to Canada Day.

Canada Day History

The Canada was been created on the 1st July 1867 by the British North America Act and formed it’s Four starting provices at first were Ontario,Quebec,New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.Then in the next year on 1st July 1868 The Governor General Charles Stanley Monck had told everyone for the celebration of the Dominion day. Then in 1869 The house of commons want to declare this day a public holiday but they were failed to do that but after the more successful effort in 1879 a bill was passed and Dominion day has been declared as a public holiday.

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After that many bills were offered to change the name of this bill but everything was rejected and even in the days of Second world war.But in the year 1982 a private bill members has changed the name of this bill to Canadian day.The name of the person Vaudreuil MP Hal Herbert.

Canada Day Tell’s the history of the people and the scarifices it’s worries had done for its country.This day also tells that what is the position of the Canada in the world and the future prospects.

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On this day peoples uses to celebrate this day by doing lots of social activities like bonfires,Picnics,Sporting events,Pageants and parades.

Happy Canada Day

This is the 153’s Birthday of the Canada’s day and the health officials from Canada had told the peoples to maintain the social distancing ad told them to wear mask and not to gather much at a place.As this year due to the Covid-19 situation many attraction are going to be closed.Peoples all around the canada greets them and celebrate this day in their local provinces by saving Happy Canada Day.
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