What is Jio Meet and How Will it Beat Zoom | What are the Jio Meet Features ?

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What is Jio meet and How will it beat Zoom ?

Now a days as the Indian start-ups are gaining more popularity and day by day launching new products in the market.

The reliance Jio is the leading giant and also made the world record with its Reliance Jio platforms earlier.

The Reliance Jio had launched a new platforms named as “Jio Meet” for its users.With the help of this article you get the full information of how to use reliance “Jio Meet” and where to download it from?

The government of India had banned the Zoom app because it was doing espionage with the confidential documents. They had banned in it April 2020.Also given the directions to their government employees, strictly not to use it.

Also government told the many companies of Indian tech Giant to build an app which is better than Zoom video app and should be more reliable then it, so that Indian Government can do their video conferencing in a more secure manner.so many companies had participated into the campaign.

So Reliance had Launched its new video conferencing app “Jio Meet” and now a days its giving a good competitions to its other competitors like Google Meet, Google hangouts, Cisco WebEx meetings,Skype,Free conference call,Jitsi,Milan setu,Microsoft teams and Zoom.

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What is Jio Meet ?

Jio Meet is basically a video conferencing app which is free to use and just what you need is only internet on your cellphone,Laptop or on your computers.It can be used for business purposes and by a common man also.

Earlier peoples were using zoom app or zoom website platforms for their use for Video conferencing and business meetings.Zoom was charging them differently as per the data usage and package they had taken.

By keeping all these things in mind Reliance Jio had launched “Jio meet”.Many new features are been added into the Jio Meet like you do schedule your meetings,you can share your screens and many more.

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Jio Meet Release Date

The Jio Meet was Released on the 30th April 2020.The Jio Meet App supporters Both Android and iOS devices, You can easily download it from Google Play store and apple app store. You can also use it on your desktop too.

How to Download Jio Meet

As usual like every other app just what we have to do that simply go to google play store if you have android phone and go to apple store if you have iOS apple phones. It’s a free app you wont’s have to pay a single penny for it.

Jio Meet Sign up
For Sign In Jio meet app you should be having a valid Gmail account or yahoo what ever online platform you love to use. But Gmail is much better option. 

How to use Jio meet ?

Once after downloading it from Google play store or app store it will ask for your valid mobile number.

After entering the valid mobile number it will give you an OTP.

Enter the OTP and then it will verify the same.

After that your account will be created at the same time.

Now you can start your meetings with the other persons if they have the same app in their phone.

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Jio Meet features ?

The following Features are been given in the Jio Meet which you can easily use.

Here you can do one on one Video conferencing call.

Maximum 100 numbers of participations can take part in the video conferencing.

You can join a running meeting as a guest with just sigining in with your peronal link name and meting ID.

You can use Jio Meet for 24 hours without any kind of interruptions.

Jio meet gives you the ability to call a channel.

Jio Meet has been Integrated for the Doctors and Education systems. Means with the help of this app you can easily go for online educational classes and you can also meet expert doctors and get your prescribed medicine from them online.

You are getting multiple login support.

You can share multiples screens with your Guest or company host.

You can schedule your meeting dates and timing with any individual or with any company. It will help you and give you more business oriented results.

Jio Meet Vs Zoom Comparisons

Jio Meet Zoom
100 number of participants can use this app at a time Only 40 number of participants can use the same.
You can use this app for 24 hours It’s only give you limited access to the same.
Free for it’s users. Have different packages and plans for it’s users.
Can be downloaded from app store and Google play store. Can be downloaded from app store and Google play store
Can run on only few devices only. Can be run on multiple devices.

Jio Meet App download can be on following platforms

Google play store
Apple play store
Windows download
Google chrome
On iOS platforms

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