CM of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan test Positive for Covid-19

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The Chief Minister of the Madhya Pradesh Shivraj singh Chauhan had announced on twitter that he got Corona positive after taking the self assement test of corona.After that Shivraj singh Chauhan been admitted to a private hospital Chirayu for the further treatment.
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Shivaraj singh Chauhan had tolled all the beloved that,” to also go for the COVID-19 test and also told them to tell their family to do the test.Currently the age of the shivaraj singh Chauhan is 61 years. 
As per the Chirayu medical college Hospital ,” all the test of Shivaraj singh Chauhan are carried out and his conditions are normal. 

Mr Shivraj told that,” he was following all the guidelines but even after that he got positive because he had to meet several peoples.He also told the people of madhaya Pradesh please be cautious an d do not do any kind of negligence.

Everybody and all his followers want him to get recovered as soon as possible.
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