FA Cup Winners for Semifinals Results Declared And Now For The FA Cup Finals Results Awaited

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On Sunday FA cup results for semifinals were came in front of the fans of the four teams who played against each other.

Chelsea Vs Manchester United Head to Head Results

The Chelsea made a great come back by beating Manchester United 3-1 and wins the game by moving ahead into the finals.This season Chelsea had played three games earlier with the Manchester united and had lost all of them.But on Sunday they played very well which ahead them into the finals.

Arsenal vs Man City Head to Head Results

On the other hand the FA cup results for semifinals which came for the fans of Arsenal and Man city was played in which the Arsenal beats the Man city by 2-0 and headed towards the FA cup finals.

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FA cup Finals is going to played between the Arsenal vs Chelsea on 1st august 2020.

The fans are now waiting for watching their teams games and FA cup Finals results.

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