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From the last 24 hours,There is a buzz flooding around the twitter which is creating a virtual rumors which is getting viral stating that some Budweiser employees are been urinating in the plant of Budweiser beer manufacturing brewery at Fort Collins, United states.

Basically this is a false claim,after investing it was found that this kind of rumor was originated by a satire website named as Foolish Humor .Foolish humor would be having a disclaimer stating that the content publish on their website is totally fictional and it does not have any link with the reality.

We would like to tell you that on the 8th may 2020 this story was published by on the foolish humour website stating that “ from last 12 years some of the employees working in the Budweiser plants are pissing into the tanks”.

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The image which was publish on the website was of the general manager Mr. Nick Mills of a Budweiser brewery in New York city and his photo was publishes earlier somewhat in 2013.

The rest published on the Foolish Humor article was about Walter Powell(The website claims that they had kept him anonymous) has apparently acknowledge that he was pissing in the tanks from last 12 years.

Then suddenly this story was picked up by the websites called breaking news and Religions. They had not provided any type of satire disclaimer into it and had also not added any kind of the foolish humour link. After that Foolish humour has told that after reading the articles on Breaking news and Religion they did not find any kind of satire disclaimer on their website.

On the 30th June ,again the Budweiser had publish another article just following the past one, which claims the transgressions of its employees.

Then from Thursday a lot of types of meme were start running on the twitter handles of the peoples worldwide sharing various types of pictures with their friends and specially those who are non-drinker are making fun of their drinker friends.

If your are going to look at the twitter post then it’s only a type of satire which was crated by the Foolish Rumour website giving the disclaimer’s you need not to worry for the same.
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