Former Google Employee Launches Neeva Search Engine | Neeva Search Engine Cost

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Neeva Search Engine 

There are many search engines in the market but nobody was able to compete with Google..It’s many competitors like Yahoo,Mozilla,Microft Bing,Duckduckgo are even now struggling into the market. Google is dominating the whole world’s internet market from many years.Google with it’s technology has shown the world the power of internet.

But in this high level competition one more search engine has been launched “Neeva search engine”. Experts believe that it is going to give a great challenge to the google in the future.

History of Neeva Search Engine

In the year 2017 the Sridhar Ramaswamy who was the senior vice president of the google ads left’s the google after a scandal which happens with many major companies. After that it raises questions on various employees. Then Sridhar Ramaswamy decided that he will do something different In his life. Then he made this company Neeva Search Engine with his collegues. 

Founder of Neeva search engine

The Neeva search engine is been developed by the Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan had started the Neeva company with the help of Neeva Software. 

What is Neeva Search Engine ?

As like other search engine works Neeva search engine also works in the same manner.Neeva search engine also searches the file,documents and email of yours.

The thing which makes the Neeva search engine different and special from other search engine is that,”It won’t shows adventisment on its platfroms”,As the Google and other search engine shows the ads on their platforms.

Neeva search engine had been made and had tie with the weather.com,apple maps and like stocks data will be shown by intrino.suppose if you are searching a file on google or on Microsoft or on other data then Neeva will search the data from its platform more quickly for you which are also based on your interest.

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On the basis of data which you have made the search Neeva will make the results suppose you love reading newspaper then Neeva will search you the newspaper you love the most.

Also Neeva won’t share any kind of your information with any advertising company and with anyone.As per the Founder of Neeva Sridhar ads distract the users and he won’t get the right information for which he had used the internet. For Example He says that,” If you have the symptoms of cough then you are only going to get the information regarding the cough symptoms only instead of ads which appears on the other search engine platforms”.

What is Neeva Cost ?

Yes in the beginning the Neeva’s Service will be free,but after some time you will have to pay $10 fee,this amount may decrease as the users of the services may increase.

Means as how google and other search engines are free ,Neeva search Engine will charges some subscription from its user who is going to use it’s platforms for getting any type of information.

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Can Neeva Search Engine will succed ?

As per the experts upto now these type of models were not successful and they were not able to attract many peoples attention. The reason behind it is that it if you are getting something in free then why anybody will have to pay even a single penny.Neeva search engines competetors are already giving everything in free to it’s users in free and charging onyly to the company with whom they had made the tie up.

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How much Money had Neeva search Engine had Collected so far?

Up to now Neeva search Engine had collected approximately around 37.5 million dollars and have 25 employees in their company.

They had raise their funds from the Early investor’s of Google in it’s earlier days that is Greylock and Sequoia capital.

Future Plans of the Neeva Founders ?

Neeva search engine founder and other co founder have many future plans and they want them to be the leading one in the market. They also wants to add many features into their platforms which google won’t have.

Neeva search engine is planning for providing the quality content to it’s users so that more and more peoples can join their movement.

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