Best Site For Blogging Quora | How to Create Quora Account | What Is Quora meaning ?

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What is Quora and Quora meaning?

Quora is an question and answer website where people around the world ask question and discuss edit the questions and answer them again. Quora question and answer is very useful for any type of relevant question.

Quora Founded

In June 2009 and was Availiable for the public in March 2010.At the end of 2010 the quora again the momentum and has gain the popularity.The traffic which was coming to quora was five to ten times more then the usual traffic of its normal days.

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Quora Owner

Quora Founder Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever both of them were the ex-employees of the Facebook. It was initially launched only in English language, but was later developed.

- This is a platform where the user can ask any question and any user can answer these questions. It is a popular platform for question and answer, which is used by around 200 million people worldwide.

- Quora launched app for iPhone on 29 September 2011. Apart from this, Android app was also launched on 5 September.

According to Alexa Internet report, the highest number of users in the US is 81%. India has 45% users at number two.

How many languages was Quora yet?

website is used in multiple language. There was previously only available in Quora english language, but in 2016 the Spanish version was launched, expanding its scope.

After this, it was also launched in French, German, Italian, Japanese languages and now it is also available in Hindi and also in the other local languages.

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How To Create Quora account ?

Quora account can be made by anyone who loves giving answers and with the help of this you can also ask any types questions for your you need an answer.

First of all, visit its official website www.quora.com

Some people asked what is Quora blog.

This is also like other blog where you can create own free blog.

Here you log in with Facebook or Google account and create your profile with the help of Gmail.

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After this Quora will ask for your filed of interest and in which you would be having knowledge.According the same community peoples will ask the questions.

You will have to fill all the credentials before answering or doing any other activity in the Quora.

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Do not do any kind of Spaming into the Quora,if you will do so then it will block you,because Quora is monitoring your each and every moment.

After this, you can write your question in the bar shown in the top side. If you want, you can also answer any question.

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