Quora Partner Program | How To Earn Money From Quora | How To Make Money Asking Questions On Quora

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Quora partner program

Once or twice in your life time experience up to now you would have got the answer from Quora. Sometime your zeal would also be getting the right answer from Quora about whatever topic’s answer you want to find. For Example That your are not Understanding what type of course is right for you and for your furture carry and many more, You would have also got the right answers from the experts their off.

Do you know?

Now Quora has launched a program which is been named as Quora partner program. In this program you can ask the question from Quora of various field of your interest and experts peoples will suggest you the right answer. If your question is valuable and more and more peoples are coming to answer your questions the both are going to get benefited.

Quora Partner Program Earning ?

Now the question which is now clicking in your mind is that how much could I earn from Quora and how. So this article will help you to learn and earn from the Quora and let’s find out how to earn from Quora.

The quora was founded by the Ex Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in the year 2009 for peoples to find the appropriate answer in which ever filed they would like to find the best answer.

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The best part of the Quora is that you can get the answer of the most obscure questions even.Sometime it’s adverse effect is also there that,answers which you get from the Quora are inappropriate and lack it’s quality.They might be based on just facts and can became a spam content.Quora uses and upvote system for upvoting the answers which have solid evidence and if you like the same then you can upvote its content. The most upvoted answer of the particular question and person will rank the most. Quora Moderators team will all the question and answer of the peoples.

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If your are going to search for answer in the Google Searches, most probably you will see the Quora will features question and answers at the First pages in the google or in any other browser you might be searching for. Quora would be having its large data base on its bases having billions of questions and their answers. This helps Quora to get Billions of people all around the globe to gather and that is how Quora earns Good amount money from the advertisement. Quora website and Quora app generates massive amount of traffic to its sites. A per the reports hits around 400 million users are using Quora worldwide. The popularity of Quora is also increases day by day and now it had introduced It’s Quora website and Quora App in different regional languages of a country. After doing so it will again increase it’s traffic and revenue too.

About Quora Partnership Program ?

Quora partner program is basically based on the invite only system through which anybody can earn the real money simply just by asking the questions on quora.Yes it’s right,Just a question which is been asked by you on the quora website or by quora app,you will get the payment.With the help of this features you can earn starting from 1 dollars to 1000 of dollars every month.Even you don’t have to answers,users which are using quora from their earlier days they will come and answer your questions,on the basis of their answers you will get paid by the quora.I think you can o the same once in day or even twice because now a days every one would be having smart phones in their hands and want to earn.So let us earn further that how shall you get the invite for this scheme through which could get a passive income and get richer day by day.

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As the Quora partner program names is Invite only scheme.That means only Quora will decide on the basis on their huge data to whom they are going to give the authority for joining the scheme.This all depends upon luck too sometime just few question raised by you can make you popular and sometime you ask 1000 of questions and even after that you are not getting the authority for the same.But the users which are using quora from the past few years and were active before and even now a days by giving question and answers have been invited by the quora.

Do you Know Why Quora Partner program Invite only?

Now this question might be wondering in your brain, the answer to this simple question is that to maintain the credibility and sustainability of this program Quora had done so.If everyone is been given the authority by the Quora to sign up for this features then it will be very difficulty for the programs of Quora to filter the junks and spam, this will slow down the process of the Quora and it’s quality may decreases.By the time from when this program is been launched so many new users have join the quora and asking their question of interest for earning money.

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Quora Partner Program Sign up

First of all you should have a valid Gmail account or Yahoo or from any other sources which you uses most of the time and feel comfortable to use. But I suggest Gmail is the better option.

If you are using it on your mobile phone then you will have to download the Quora app from the google play store.

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Quora Partner Program Tips For Enrolling

After sign up you will have to fill your basic details and other credentials which are been asked by Quora.

The Initial tip is that ask as much as questions you can at first and be an active user at Quora so that it will create a positive impact that you are a regular user. This can take time or even a month too.

The main motive for this is that Quora want original users which are trustable and are not doing any kind spamming on the Quora website or on Quora app.

Do not Do This ?

If Your are a blogger or even a user do not attach any kind of link to quora
Do not do spam it will block you.
Do not put any kind of adultery images from your account which are violating its regulation.

How Do you make Money ?

It would be having a simple funda that as much as traffic comes to you that much popular your are, Quora basically earns money via placing quora ads on your account and will share you the percentage of that ads cost.When you get the approval from quora then it does not matter that your are asking thousands of question after that the thing which matter really the unique of your question and the presentation.Topics also matter,because you should know what is the current issue trending and on which topic peoples love to answer and read more.While asking questions from quora it will also give you the suggestions.You will have to keep in mind that as much quality answers you are getting and peoples are getting attractive towards your profile.You can also check the earn section on your dashboard which will help to keep a track that which type of questions are gaining popularity and earning you the most.

Peoples are earning 1000 $ from a week to 6000$ and more with the help of this program.This all will depend on the time which you are spending on the Quora app or Quora website.This is very simple you can even ask questions from your home,office and at any place your from.This passive source of income will help you to live your livehood.

On Quora Platforms there are two types of questions as follows:-

First one – Short Lived Question

These types of questions are basically of very short pan and will going to die after some time because they would be having their presence only for few days.They can be like latest news and current affairs type of topics.Quora would be having it’s direct questions and answer system which it generates on day to day basis by considering the current scenario would wide and also according to the reasons. But you will have to notice that these are system generated messages and will die after sometime.

Second One – Which pick Up organic Traffic

The peoples used to search their answer from the google searches and get their answers from the Quora. This type of traffic is an external type of traffic which helps the peoples to find their answers. These types last long and are of peoples interest for example any celebration day like Independent day, Canada day, International Yoga day, Diwali,Dusshera,Ozone day,Earth Day, Christmas and many more type of topics like this.

Note- The Quora pay’s you only for an year only after that it will not pay you on the questions you would have asked and even you would have earned dollars on them.After an year the paying validate will stop from Quora side

How to earn thousand of dollars via Quora Partner ?

As everyone in the world wants to earn a passive income and want to take it to the higher levels specially college going students spend their 2X more time here as compared to Linkdin,Huffpost, WSJ and others.

So the competition is very tough and your questions should be unique so that Quora can divert the maximum traffic towards your questions and you can get the answers for the same and can earn money from their. Also most important point I had already mentions upstairs is that you will have to be a constant performer who is devoting his time on this platform and can earn money. As per the Alexa.com 65% of the peoples using google found their answers on quora.Approximately on an average a users gives 4 to 5 minutes daily on quora.

Make as much as nique and tricky questions from your side and let the people come to you for answering the same.As much answers you will get that much more you will earn.

Also upvote the person who has given you the best answer,this will create a positive impact on the person who had answeres you and he will again come back to answer you if he is going to get the appreciation.

Quora Partner Program Paypal

If you are a user from U.S Then you can get the payment through Stripe account and also from PayPal. But if your are using it outside of the user then they will pay us only through PayPal payment gateway.

At present Quora will give you the target of earning First 10$ and after that this lock will brake. You will get your payment at the end of every month between 8 to 10th date of each month. If you get any type of issue then you can talk with the Quora team they will help you out and you can resolve your issues.

Once you will complete the 10$ target then automatically you can get into your account you won’t have to wait for the 100$ like the google ads sense account

Quora Partner Program Review ?

As per my suggestion you should devote a free time of your day here instead of sitting ideal.

Do take it as a full time career because don’t know at what time Quora will start cutting your perks like Amazon affiliate marketing, Ubers and other tech giants had done with the users.

Do whatever job or work you do as you were working before and make it as a part time earning method.

Have any one of you had got approval from Quora partner program?

If anyone from you had got the approval for Quora partner program then please let me know your experience by adding your valuable experience into the comment section. Hope this had helped you understand how to earn money from Quora.

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