Zee5 : Zee5 login account | What are the Zee5 subscription plans

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Zee5 is a video streaming platforms which telecasts Zee 5web series and Zee5 movies for it’s customers. It works in the same as other OTT platforms works like Amazon prime Video and Netflix. With the help of Zee5 you can easily watch live news,movies,Tv shows and also Kids can watch their Favorite web series.

Zee5 Released date

The Zee5 web series and Zee5 movies were launched on the 14th February 2018 in the 12 languages in the India.

Zee5 Owner

The Zee5 is the Subsidiary of the Essel group and having it’s headquarter in Mumbai.Zee5 serves around 190 countries in the world and gaining it’s popularity in the world.

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Zee5 web series

The Zee5 web series has launched the webseries like Karenjit kaur-The untold story of Sunny Leone. The Zee5 web series has also launched few Tamil web series like America Mapillai in it’s earlier days.

The Zee5 web series launched various Web series in various language at the platforms like in Zee5 marathi, Zee5 tamil,Zee5 Kannada,Zee5 telugu,Zee5 english movies,Zee5 bhojpuri,Zee5 bengali ,Zee5 odia other local languages of India. 

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Zee5 Login

login can be easily done with the help of Gmail account or with the other Platforms like Yahoo etc.You can make the Zee5 Login with the help of the following URL :-



Zee5 Subscription Plans 

Zee5 offers various types of Zee5 Subscriptions For it’s customer and Zee5 Subcriptions has various plans like monthly,Quaterly,Halfyearly and yearly. you can also visit with the help of the following URL link

Zee5 Subscription Monthly pack (One month) – Costs around Rs 99

Zee5 Subscription Quaterly Pack ( 3 months) - Cost around Rs 299

Zee5 Subscription Half yearly pack(6 months) – Cost around Rs 599

Zee5 Subscription Yearly Pack ( 1 year) - Cost around Rs 999

If your going to compare all the packages then you will find that Zee5 subscription which is for 1 year will be cheap for you and save money.

Zee5 Premium

So by taking Zee5 subscription we can easily watch all the Zee5 Premium web series and Zee5 Movies, The benefit of being a Zee5 premium member will help you watch all the latest Zee 5 web series and Zee5 movies.

The Zee5 premium helps you to watch the Zee5 into 5 Devices at a time.

Zee5 app

The Zee app can be downloaded on your mobile easily just by using the Google play store for Android and by apple app store iOS platforms. You can also download the Zee5 app on your pc,Tvs and some Tvs are coming with inbuilt features of Zee5.With the help of downloading Zee5 you can Easily watch the Zeee5 movies and Zee5 Web series, you can also stream Live news, music etc.

The Zee5 app download for pc can be downloaded by using the following URL link


Zee5 apk

You can download the Zee5 apk by using the following URL link:-


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